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Targeting Strategy

Target Strategy

What is “Target Strategy”?

Gone are the days of putting out an ad and hoping that you would attract some people that might be interested in your product. Thanks to modern technological advancements, targeting has become something that can be achieved with pin point accuracy.

Choose the Audience You Want to Reach

When it comes to digital marketing, whether using Google PPC, Facebook/ Instagram Ads or any other form of online pay per click marketing, you can choose exactly who you want to see your ad. Thanks to “cookies”, the internet collects information about a user based on their behaviours, following them around the web as they carry out their online searches and shopping. The websites, they visit, their buying activity and their location are all things that can be gathered from these user behaviours. Add to that data collection, and the ability to re-target these groups of people and you can find the exact customers to market your products and services to .

Highly Measurable Benefits

The benefits of this kind of advertising are highly measurable and our team of London SEO experts have extensive experience in digital marketing. This means that we can continually monitor and tweak advertising campaigns to ensure you are reaching those that are most likely to engage with your product or service. By collecting data such as age, gender, location, language, jobs, interests and behaviour, you can select an audience based on one or many of these criteria or exclude people who don’t meet specific criteria.

The Value of Data

You may have customer databases that contain lots of useful information about your customers, it’s definitely something we would recommend as part of your marketing & targeting strategy. As long as you have permission to market to these clients under GDPR requirements, you have so much value at your fingertips. By using the profile of your typical customers, we can build lookalike audiences, create ads that target similar people and use this knowledge to effectively target more of the same.

This makes for pin-point accurate marketing that is highly tailored and structured. We can use our skills and knowledge to put your products and services in front of, the right people. Gone are the days of mass wastage when only a few people per thousand were likely to be interested in your products. By contrast, now you will reach all but a few who may not be interested.

Let Our Experienced Team Maximise Success

Our skills in this area as a UK based digital marketing agency mean that we can save you lots of time and money by attracting the best prospects and give you a much better return on investment on your marketing efforts. With internet targeting, you are able to control your spend, your return on investment, who does and doesn’t see your product and refine your audience. More traffic to your website is great but more customers that convert and buy your products is even better!


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