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Search Engine Marketing

Service by London SEO Masters

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, focuses on promotional activities to drive traffic to a website. This might include running sponsored link campaigns such as Google PPC (pay per click), display ads across the Google network or other marketing activity that improve the visibility of a website alongside website optimisation and positioning activities. SEM is not something that is run alongside SEO but more something that encompasses it. SEM = SEO + PPC. Search engine optimisation refers to the positioning of a website, PPC refers to the paid clicks to a website

Advantages of SEO & SEM Activities

There are a number of advantages to investing in an effective SEM and SEO strategy:

  • Efficiency – when compared to other marketing activities such as print advertising, billboards, TV/radio advertising and other such traditional marketing methods, the costs incurred are considerable lower and the results are higher
  • Trusted – according to research, search engine advertising is favoured by users because it rewards their search efforts with the information that they are seeking. They can type exactly what they are looking for and then be presented with a choice of results offering the answer to their search query. PPC is not seen as an aggressive or intrusive form of advertising
  • Targeting – SEM focuses on a specific set of keywords or phrases that are entered into a search engine by the user. If you understand your target market, you can ensure you are reaching those that are specifically looking for your product or service.
  • Quick results – the results of PPC and SEM overall are quick. You can achieve long term results in a relatively short space of time. You can control your marketing efforts to produce the desired results turning it up and down, on and off, as required.
  • Monitoring results – unlike trying to guess what results your traditional marketing efforts are produced, SEM results are traceable. Businesses can track activity and see what results the efforts are producing enabling tweaks and changes as required.


The SEM Process

SEM is not a one off activity. You can’t just pick it up and put it down, as and when. Efforts should be consistent. It is a lengthy process that rewards business with a continuous increase in sales. It is not like just placing one promotional ad and getting a flurry of short term activity. This sustained marketing process will set businesses up for long term growth.

It is also important to consider that customer preferences, market activity, and technology are constantly evolving. To keep up and stay ahead of competitors, a business cannot afford to take their eye off the ball. If you are at the top of Google, you can be sure that there are others with their eyes on the prize.

Web Traffic Analysis

Who is the audience, how many visitors is the site getting, what is working and what isn’t?

These are all questions that business want answers to. To monitor the effectiveness of SEM activities, it is necessary to analyse website traffic at the start of a campaign but also on an ongoing basis. The results can determine what needs to be done to improve or increase the intensity of the marketing efforts, show wat works and what doesn’t and teach us what visitors want more of. Consistent analysis will show what needs to be done to further grow traffic.

Trusted by big organisations

London SEO Masters are trusted by big organisations to take care of their Search Engine Marketing, many of whom we have worked with for a number years. 

We have proven results when it comes to SEM marketing strategies, with our team of experts helping clients to raise their income and achieve impressive growth.

About This Service


At London SEO Masters, our goal is to help our clients to grow their business through greater online presence. Our team of SEM experts know how to ensure your website appears in front of the right potential customers. Because every business is different, every client’s website is individually analysed and a bespoke marketing strategy is prepared. We offer the most suitable SEM strategies based on expectations, budget and the intended audience.

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