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The true relationship between organic Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.

The relationship between SEO and Social Media and how it is very important to have a Social Media strategy if you want to increase your visibility in the SEO.

SEO is a very competitive industry, there are thousands of web development companies that claim to be SEO gurus but only few really know how to get the results their clients need.

Social Media has changed things up on the internet landscape as it allows people with just an interest in a specific niche or subject matter to share it with other people interested in that same topic, thus creating community where none existed and giving everyone involved an outlet for their hobbies.

SEO is all about getting your website to the top of Google search results, if someone using a search engine types ‘SEO London’ into their browser and your company name or web address doesn’t show up in the first page of results you might as well give up on that potential client.

Social Media has really taken off in recent years and it is estimated that there are now over 3 billion Social Media users worldwide, with Facebook being the most popular site (over 1 billion active users) followed by Whatsapp (just under 1 billion), Twitter at around 500 million and Instagram with more than 400 million active users. There are also many more niche networks such as Pinterest for those who enjoy home decoration, eBay for online auction lovers, YouTube for those who enjoy watching videos and Spotify for music lovers. By promoting your company through Social Media you will increase your SEO ranking as Google respects the sites that its users visit, if you post a link to your website on Facebook or Twitter then other users who see it are likely to click on the link and visit your site too. This means that more people will find out about you and that leads directly into potential sales or clients for your business.

Scientific experiments have proven that people trust products they have seen recommended by others, unfortunately this is where many businesses fall short as their service often includes no social media components meaning they can’t offer any recommendations at all! If you want to take advantage of this free publicity then don’t leave Social Media out of your SEO strategy.

Social Media is a great way to interact with potential clients and customers, it allows you to generate leads in an instant as well as get feedback from them about your products and services.
If you are thinking about making an investment in Social Media then consider buying premium accounts on social networks such as Twitter so that people will know they can trust the messages they see linked to your website.

LinkedIn – The first thing you’ll notice about this site is that is has been optimised for search engines with keywords being included in its domain name and landing page title tags. And if you look at other key pages on the domain, for example , it becomes apparent that keyword optimisation has also taken place there too (the words Linkedin jobs show up as anchor text in links back to your website).

Facebook – Similarly to Linkedin SEO techniques have been used to increase the visibility of Facebook users who have decided to share their content with others. For example on the My Content page you can see that each update has its own title and body text, this is a great way to make your site more SEO friendly.

Twitter – Like Facebook Twitter also allows company updates (this is called a tweet) which has its own title and text area for posting messages. This makes it very easy to optimise for search engines as all you need do is write unique content for every tweet that mentions your company name or domain name in the text, then include at least one link back to your website in that same tweet.

Instagram – In the same way that Facebook and Twitter allow business owners to post updates about their company, Instagram allows users to create photos and videos with captions on them. This means you can increase your SEO by including a link to your site in any posts you make.

Pinterest – Pinterest is very different from Twitter or Facebook but it still utilises SEO techniques in its domain name ( ) as well as the keywords that appear throughout the site such as pinterest boards, pinning tools and tips for businesses like yours.

Google+ – Like Linkedin Google+ has been optimised for search engines, this not only means that more visitors will be directed towards your website when they use Google to search for relevant topics but also that users of Google+ will link to your site more often and therefore increase the number of potential visitors you’ll receive.

The key to SEO is content, without it none of these social media sites would be very popular as there is little point in clicking through from Facebook or Twitter if all you see is advertising or promotional messages that offer no useful information at all. To learn how to fully optimise your website so that it combines both quality content with valuable links then ask yourself these questions; How difficult is my site for search engines to crawl? Do I use any keywords in the URLs on my website? Which ones do I target and which ones are irrelevant? Have I published one blog post per month since establishing my website last year?

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