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There are many reasons why your restaurant or pub needs SEO. From an increase in conversion rates to increased revenue, there are a lot of upsides to investing in SEO for your establishment.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 reasons that you should be investing in SEO today!

Reason #01: SEO Helps Restaurants and Pubs Rank Higher in Search Engines

The majority of people who are looking for a restaurant or pub will rely on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. to help them find what they’re looking for. If your establishment doesn’t rank well in search engines like these then you can expect that customers aren’t going to be finding it either. In order to get ranked higher by search engine algorithms there is a lot of work involved with designing the website (e.g., proper title tags) as well as optimising content effectively which we’ll discuss below!

Reason #02: It Makes Your Business More Attractive To Potential Clients And Customers

One thing that most businesses want out of their marketing efforts is for people to actually find them. With SEO, you can get your business found by the right customers in a variety of ways and then convert those potential clients into actual paying ones!

Reason #03: SEO Helps Restaurants and Pubs Get Found On Google Maps

Ever heard someone ask “What’s near me?” before?

This question will often lead them to Google Maps which has become one of the main places where people search for local businesses that are close-by. If your restaurant or pub doesn’t have an optimized website with great information about it like what type of food they serve, their hours, etc., then they won’t turn up on this map. To make sure you rank well here (or anywhere else) you need to ensure that SEO is at the top of your list and you invest in it!

Reason #04: SEO for Pubs and Restaurants That Rank Higher Have More Visitors

A restaurant or pub’s rank in search engines impacts how many visitors they receive. A greater ranking leads to more traffic, which then results in increased revenue for them. You can see why investing in SEO would be so beneficial for a business like this!

Reason #05: It Increases Conversions For Your Restaurant or Pub

We’ve already discussed how SEO helps restaurants/pubs rank higher in search engine rankings; this means that when someone does find their website through Google (or any other search engine), they are going to end up on a page with content that is optimized for their search. This means that there are more chances for them to convert into a customer!

Reason #06: SEO Can Improve Your Mobile Responsiveness

What we’re seeing today with modern technology (iPhones, tablets, and other smartphones) is a shift towards mobile browsing over desktop web-browsing. With this in mind it’s important that your restaurant or pub website be responsive so that it can easily adapt to different screen sizes without losing any functionality/vision. If you don’t have an already up-to-date website then make sure you invest in the right company who will help build one from scratch if needed!

Reason #07: It Helps Restaurants And Pubs Connect To Customers On Social Media

If your restaurant or pub isn’t actively trying to connect with customers on social media then they’re missing out. One of the biggest benefits that many people see is being able to get feedback from their customer base in real-time, which can provide invaluable insights for them!

Reason #08: SEO Helps Restaurants and Pubs Rank Higher In Local Search

When someone looks up a business using Google’s “near me” function; it doesn’t just show results based only on what you typed into the search bar but also by analysing your location information (this could be determined through GPS). If there are any other businesses close-by who rank higher than yours do because of optimising their content, choosing keywords relevant to where you are, or because of an already established presence in the area then you’ll have a hard time ranking well here.

Reason #09: SEO for Pubs Increases Your Chance Of Being Found When Someone Visits A Search Engine

We know from our previous articles that search engines are becoming more and more popular than ever before! More people these days use them to find content on the internet instead of going through other channels like social media for instance. This means that when someone is searching for something specific (e.g., “pizza restaurants” near me) your site will be at the top if it’s optimised properly with great SEO work done on it beforehand!

Reason #10: SEO Improves Your Restaurant’s or Pub’s Rankings In Other Search Engines

Just because you rank well in Google doesn’t mean that this is the only search engine out there. If your restaurant/pub ranks high on Bing for instance, then they have a better chance of being found by people using it who are looking for local businesses. It all comes down to improving your content and ensuring SEO is at the forefront of what you’re doing!

There are many benefits to SEO for restaurants or pubs, and it’s important that you invest in the right company who will provide a successful campaign.
The team at London SEO Masters have been helping restaurants rank higher online for over 12 years!
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