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Code Optimization

By London SEO Masters

Code Optimization

In order to successfully position a web page, it needs to be optimized accordingly. Optimizing the source code of a web page involves several treatments. 

The first treatment is to supplement correctly the so-called meta tags. There are three basics: meta description, meta keywords, and title. Each of them has some functionality in the page code.

Title is a unique page or subpage title that will appear in search results as a link to our site.
Meta description is a unique description of a page or subpage that will appear as descriptive text in search results; sometimes google’s selected text from the page appears instead of the description.
Meta keywords are keywords that describe a page theme. At the moment, this tag is less important for Google robots, but we’ll see how the new Bingo search engine will see it.

The next important step in optimization is to add an alt and title tag to your images. Alt is alternate text. You can use a keyword in this tag, but remember not to overdo it. All you need is 4 -5 well-chosen phrases, words describing a given picture. The title tag is the title of the image that you might want to include as well. It can be identical to alt. Please also keep in mind the size of the image or width=”” height=””. It’s a good idea to include these values because the search engine will take your page more seriously.

Another element used is the header. Note that the heading “h1” can occur on a page or subpage only once. Subsequent headers such as “h2”, “h3”, “h4”, etc. may appear in the body several times.

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